The Outdoors

One of the core aspects of the Montessori philosophy is the importance of a connection to the natural world for children. Typically, the outdoor space is an extension of the Montessori classroom and children are encouraged to experience the outdoors regularly throughout the day.

The needs of the child and the child’s plane of development are considered by our educators when planning different outdoor activities. The activities and materials offered outside have just as much thought and care put into them as those offered inside. There are opportunities for children to practice and apply skills of care of self, care of others and care of the environment.

At Armidale Montessori Preschool there are 2 outdoor environments for the children to enjoy. The environments include gardens where the children can grow and harvest flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Natural materials are in abundance within our outdoor spaces and lend themselves to structured activities, spontaneous play and exploration.

There are sandpits, tepees, forts, swings, dry creek beds and undercover play areas, affording plenty of opportunities for purposeful movement, order, communication and independence.  Digging, planting, sweeping, watering, tending our vegetable garden – all these things are encouraged at Armidale Montessori Preschool – along with climbing, jumping, riding, building … the list is endless!