Parents involvement

As a not-for-profit community organisation we rely on our families and community for support and engagement.

Our families are actively involved in supporting our Preschool and have made amazing contributions to its upkeep and overall aesthetic. They have worked collaboratively with staff to raise funds not only for the Preschool but for local families and community initiatives, they have built bike paths, established gardens, created dry creek beds, just to name some of their many contributions.

What you can do?

Your involvement in the school sends an important message to your children that you value and care about their school. We encourage you to be part of our school environment in the following ways:

  • Attend parent information events which play an important role in educating parents about the philosophy and practice of Montessori and other areas of interest;
  • Take an active role in our Management Committee;
  • Come into our classrooms to share any relevant experience like a particular profession or culture;
  • Help us to make materials with other interested parents;
  • Organise class parent social events;
  • Participate in our working bees;
  • Work in our gardens;
  • Participate in our fundraising efforts;
  • Encourage your child to collect items of interest from your home or travels which they might like to share.