Parent Reviews

“Fantastic Pre-school!! I have enrolled our daughter in Montessori Pre-School since 2 years, and she is always happy to go there and is full of smiles when I pick her up. The School staff are knowledgeable and well-trained. They take care not just after my daughter, but they actually support the entire of my family during a most challenging period for us as a family, when we were struggling to save our late sons lives. They have created a great and healthy environment for my daughter, away from what was happening at home or in the hospital, when our life had been consumed by hospital and ongoing treatment. Thank you so much for taking such great care of us and preparing our exquisite daughter for an amazing future!!”

Musaed Alharbi

“We extend our greatest appreciations to your pre-school for the training our daughter received. In particular, our daughter joined your school while being shy and not able to communicate in English, but in less than a year all these were gone. Towards the end, Joy expressed a lot of independence and always wanted to do things on her own, which is a culture she learnt in the school. We therefore extend our sincere gratitude to the Centre Director and all the teachers for their commitment in training our children.”

Benjamin Kogo

“We feel very confident and secure knowing that Harry is spending his daycare days under the care of Montessori’s wonderful staff. Harry enjoys his daycare days so much and loves all his teachers.”

Amy Ashman & Baeho Joo

“Ashvika and Arjun like to go to Montessori and I see huge improvement in their communication and other social skills. Big thanks to all staff at Montessori.”

Sethu Lakshmi

“I want to thank you all for your kindness and care with our son. Thanks for offering so many activities and great teachers. Café loves Montessori and his teachers very much.”

Phuong Duong

“We really appreciate your support and contribution towards Nathan. He came to Montessori at a time when he was learning to speak and now he is a confident all round boy. We are so proud of Montessori. Nathan still has very good memories of Montessori preschool, the staff and friends he interacted with.”

Peter & Irene Wahinya

“It is true that every child learns in a different way and at different pace. This makes it difficult to have one learning program to every child. However, what I have understood about Montessori is that they provide specific learning program for each child depending on the needs and interests of each child. In addition to that, I have noticed that self-correction and self-assessment are an integral part of the Montessori education, which I can say is helping the children to help themselves. That is why I have sent my two daughters to Montessori. Keep it up Montessori!”

Ermias Zerazion