Journey of Hope incursion

The Bambini Room children participated in the Journey of Hope incursion program in Term 3. This program offered children the opportunity to manage their emotions and develop positive coping strategies through cooperative play, creative arts and literature. The program was organised into six, 35-45 minute sessions. Each session focused on helping children: 1) understand & manage key emotions, 2) identify triggers and stressors and 3) develop positive coping strategies to deal with these emotions. The sessions were delivered by 2 qualified facilitators from Save the Children Australia. The focus of each session was as follows:

  • Week 1: Introducing Early Primary Journey of Hope: Exploring Emotions
  • Week 2: Sadness: Understanding and Coping
  • Week 3: Scared and worried: Understanding and Coping
  • Week 4: Anger: Understanding and Coping
  • Week 5: Self-Esteem: I Believe I Can
  • Week 6: Me, myself and community

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