Focus on caring for our Environment and sustainability

In 2023 our Bambini Room children will be continuing our Return & Earn program started in Tern 4 of 2022.

Families are encouraged to continue bringing in eligible recyclable bottles, cans & cartons. These are then sorted by our children, then taken by them (in small groups, accompanied by educators), down to the closest Return & Earn station and exchanged for a voucher. The money from the voucher is then used to purchase seedlings/plants. These are then planted by the children in the Preschool vegetable garden, cared for and harvested for cooking later in the year.

As part of our focus, the children have also visited the local recycle centre to see what happens to all the containers they return.

We have successfully harvested and eaten the first lot of vegetables and fruits, including lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and blackberries.