Long Daycare – 3-5 year old’s

All children attending the Armidale Montessori Preschool are involved in learning through the Preschool program each day. In order to provide the greatest flexibility for parents, our preschool offers enrolment under each of the funding streams allowed for within the early learning framework.

Enrolling your child under the Long Daycare arrangement may suit you if:

  • You need your child to attend Preschool during school holidays.
  • You are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy available from the Australian government
  • You need your child to attend Preschool before 8.00am or after 3.30pm.

Fees are payable for 50 weeks of the year. Fees are invoiced and direct debited weekly. The current fee structure for enrolment through the Long Daycare stream at Armidale Montessori Preschool is $70 per day.

If your family would prefer your child to only attend Preschool during NSW school terms and from 8.00am to 3.30pm each day, or you are not eligible for Australian Government rebates, enrolment in the Preschool stream may suit you better. If you prefer the Preschool stream, and still need care for extended hours, Armidale Montessori offers after school care to children already enrolled with us.

If you are unsure which model would work best for your family, feel free to contact our Director for a confidential conversation about your options.