Around The World

Montessori is a well researched, non religious, educational approach used in more than 22,000 schools throughout the world. Particularly popular in Europe and the US, Montessori began in Australia in the 1920’s and is most well known as a respected method of early childhood education. There are also many Montessori primary and high school programs in Australia. In fact the Montessori primary school curriculum is one of only four government accredited curriculums in Australia.

Montessori is a respected method of education that regularly features in reports concerned with positive educational outcomes. A number of commentators have noted similarities between the Montessori approach to education, and that of the Finnish education system, regularly held to be one of the best systems in the world.

The Montessori approach respects culture, individuality and diversity – throughout the world Montessori schools are highly sought after for parents who want to nurture these attributes, along with a genuine love of learning, in their kids. We would love you to join us!